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Kafeel Chaudhry

RE/MAX Active Realty Inc.
Independently owned and operated.

200 Matheson Blvd Suite #202, Mississauga, ON L5R3I7

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We provide a complete property management service. Our role doesn't end on building completion. We believe that the continuing management and maintenance of the property is one of the most important ways we can protect your investment for the future.

Many of the concerns our clients have surround the notoriety that property owner have in terms of vandalism, crime and antisocial behavior. Through our in house team we are able to manage and prevent these problems to ensure residents in our developments are able to live problem free.
This management extends to our rental policy and managing our agents working within the developments.

As part of our fully package rental products we offer supply and installations of carpets, window blinds and kitchen appliances, also purchase of furniture packs and fully serviced apartment linen, cutlery and household accessories. Full price list is available on request.  Each property is taken care individually as part of our continuing management and rental service.


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